Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rose Studded Earring

SEP09-F262 (Dark Green Polka) Last Pair Available | SEP09-F263 (Apple Red Polka) Sold Out |
SEP09-F264 (Purple Floral) Sold Out | SEP09-F265 (Baby Pink Polka) Sold Out |
SEP09-F266 (Light Blue Floral) Last Pair Available | SEP09-F267 (Pastel Green Polka) Sold Out |
SEP09-F268 (Brown Floral) Reserved | SEP09-F269 (White Floral) Sold Out |

Description: These cute roses and flowers earrings are made from
cloth and they are all handmade. :D
Status: Available

Price: 1 for RM 5.00 / Buy 2 get 1 FREE

PVC Beaded Necklace

Code: SEP09-F261
Color: White | Green Sold Out
Material: PVC
Description: Kawaii! Comes in white and green.
Status: Available

Price: RM 18.00

Key Necklace

Code: SEP09-F259 | SEP09-F260
Color: Gold | Rustic Gold
Description: A key to the heart.
Come in 2 color, gold for a darker outfit pairing while rustic gold for lighter color outfit.
Status: Available

Price: RM 28.00

Friday, September 18, 2009

Earring: Bow & Heart

Code: SEP09-F258
Description: Love the bow, love the heart :D

Price: RM 10.00

Earring: Bench Love

Code: SEP09-F257
Description: Love the bench! Simply extraordinary. :)

Price: RM 10.00

Studded Earring

Code: SEP09-F256
Description: Simple and elegant. :)

Price: RM 10.00

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Code: SEP09-F254 Sold Out | SEP09-F255 Sold Out
Color: Grey | Black
Material: Cotton
Size: Free Size (Suitable for S/M)
Measurement: Length: 63cm | Pit to Pit: 42cm
Description: This has been our most popular top for the month!

Price: RM 45.00

Black Gorgeous

Opps..Sold Out
Code: SEP09-F253
Color: Black
Material: Cotton
Size: Free (Suitable for Size S/M)
Pit to Pit: 54cm | Length: 60cm
Description: This one piece top is like an oversized tee which looks ordinary
but exude charm to look gorgeous, like the tee itself.

Price: RM 42.00


Code: SEP09-F251 Sold Out | SEP09-F252
Color: Blue Sold Out | Grey
Material: Cotton
Size: Free (Suitable for Size S/M)
Pit to Pit: 35cm | Waistline: 78cm | Length: 80cm (including the strap)
Description: Lacey and eyelet finishing are the highlight of the dress. Adorable!
Status: Available

Price: RM 43.00

Friday, September 11, 2009


Code: SEP09-F250
Color: Grey
Material: Cotton
Size: Free (Suitable for Size L/M)
Pit to Pit: 50cm | Shoulder: 38cm | Sleeve Length: 54cm | Length: 60cm
Description: This is ultimately a freestyle boyfriend blazer.
Thick cotton, absolutely freestyle!
Status: Available

Price: RM 57.00

Checkered Puffy Sleeve

Code: SEP09-F248
Color: Black & White
Material: Cotton
Size: Free (Suitable for Size S/M)
Pit to Pit: 52cm | Waistline: 90cm | Length: 60cm
Description: This puffy sleeve, mandarin collar checkered top pairs well with
clincher to enhance the waistline. Chic!
Status: Available

Price: RM 46.00

Work With Style II

Code: SEP09-F247
Color: Black
Material: Cotton
Available in:
- Size S (Waistline: 72cm | Length: 38cm)
- Size M (Waistline: 76cm | Length: 41cm)
Description: Be in good grace of style by tucking in your working top in this skirt.
Marvelous! :D
Status: Available

Price: RM 52.00

Work With Style I

Opps..Sold Out
Code: SEP09-F246
Color: Black
Material: Cotton
Size: Free (Suitable for Size S/M)
Waistline: 68cm (elastic waistband at the back)| Length: 36cm (middle: 32cm)
Description: Something different for your working outfits.
The pleats create a classic style & a lovely dimension on the skirt.

Price: RM 48.00

Saturday, September 5, 2009

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