Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We are Fushimii-ed!

Welcome to fushimii! We are very excited on the new launch in 2 weeks time. :D

We would be pleased if you could drop by and give us your support. We sincerely thank you and will do our best in fulfilling your enquiries.

Let us do a little introduction about fushimii.

fushimii is a place where 2 friends share the same passion in liking pretty, quaint and unique things. Meanwhile, we are truly inspired by how our Japanese friends dress up, it's so refreshing. We love the fun of layering and mix matching. Here in fushimii, we are bringing in more fun in dressing up and looking simply fabulous with more friends.

Of how we gotten this name is rather spontaneous. I was sending a gift parcel to my host sister in Kyoto, Japan. While writing the delivery address, i got so caught up by 'Fushimi-ku' (the name of the street '伏見区'), which literally sounds like 服&饰 (apparel & accessories) in chinese. The name of the ward resonate so well with myself and Cherii was delighted with the name as well. Thus, here we are, landed with fushimii in joy. ♥

We would love to work with like-minded friends and fushimii is definitely an ideal platform to draw each other closer. Feel free to hang around and click on the items that you like for more information. By the way, only limited pieces are available for each item, therefore, don't wait! :D

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